About us

YEZEDE s.r.o. is an event and production agency which has been operating since 2008 on the principles of friendship, transparent budgets, clear presentations and the highest standard of work. We constantly follow the innovations in the area of production and event marketing. We learn from our own mistakes and are inspired by those who have already achieved a lot in this world.

Since our establishment we have implemented several dozens of small and large projects with low budgets as well as generous funding. We have organised events for both commercial brands and state institutions. Our aim is to do work we can be proud of, now and in future.







Ve spolupráci s našimi oblíbenými střihači a kameramany jsme natočili řadu videí. Zde je několik ukázek:
IQOS testimonials,client: Philip Morris
Trinity IQOS 3 event production,client: Philip Morris
Video about the Czech dumpling,client: Together restaurants
Five-part programme about Jewish routes in Vysočina,client: Vysočina tourism s.r.o.
Vysočina animated spot,client: Vysočina tourism s.r.o.
New product for health and safety,client: CRDR s.r.o.
IQOS 3 media presentation event production,client: Philip Morris
Series of confectionery experiments for social networks,client: Cukrář Skála
IQOS launch installation at MBPFW in September 2018,client: Philip Morris
Lítačka,client: Magistrát Praha
Ben Cristovao running through Prague,client: Reebok
Around the world production,client: Twisto



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